About Alyson

Hi Bellissima's my name is Alyson Laliberte, a makeup artist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I fell in love with the art after having my makeup professionally done for my maternity photo shoot. Determined to perfect my craft, I started purchasing the essentials (brushes, eye shadow palettes, lipsticks) and continued booking makeup appointments to learn from experienced artists. At home I would study by watching YouTube tutorials from various artists and practiced until I achieved the perfect looks. I was retaining helpful information but practicing on myself and others was the most effective way to learn. I became a valued customer at a cosmetic counter and formed a friendship with an artist named Jocelyn who saw potential in me as an artist. At the time, I still didn't feel like I reached my full potential but expressed to her how eager I was to be amongst the best. Jocelyn managed the counter and recommended an opportunity of a lifetime. She told me she was looking for a freelance artist for the holiday season and I should apply for the position. Without hesitation I applied and was called in for my makeup audition. Ecstatic to hear that I got the job, I started freelancing for MAC Cosmetics. I gained product knowledge, client experience, and had the pleasure of doing something I love. I would take pictures of my artistry and post them on my social media pages to gain exposure which then opened up a door to gain my own clientele. Shifts at MAC weren't guaranteed so I became a home based makeup artist. To enhance someone's natural beauty and help them feel confident and beautiful is so rewarding. I feel so relaxed and creative when I pick up a brush. I couldn't just stop here, I knew there was more work to be done. Beyond grateful for a new opportunity, my hairstylist Ysabella asked me to be the face of her makeup brand Bellissima by Ysabella. I come to the salon every Friday and film for our YouTube channel "Bellissima By Ysabella". This opportunity was mind blowing because I look back to where I started watching tutorials and now I'm making my own. It's definitely a gratifying feeling. My YouTube videos consist of informing my Bellissima's about quality beauty products, demonstrating the application process, and sharing my personal beauty tips and must haves. If you have a dream, I hope my story inspires you. I appreciate all feedback and don't hesitate to like comment or subscribe!