Hi Bellissima's, I hope you liked my product review on Fur. To recap, Fur Ingrown Concentrate is for the sensitive pubic area. This light weight oil is designed to care for ingrown hair as well as soothe and support skin healing. Fur is dermatologically and gynecologically tested. It's free of acids, alcohols, cortisones and has a natural fragrance. After we remove hair, we often experience a few stubborn hairs that don't grow back in the right direction and can be be painful and irritating. Applying Fur oil generously to the area and smoothening with finger daily will cure razor burn and will help release any hair lingering underneath the skin. This product is nice because it comes with an in shower exfoliating finger mitt to free those stubborn hairs and is safe and effective. Fur oil is infused with some of the best oils such as coconut, tea tree, tamanu and chamomile extract. Using Fur daily has prevented ingrowns from even occuring and I couldn't be happier with this product!