Grande Lips

Hello Bellissima's, today I introduced Grande Lips, a beauty choice award winning lip plumper. I chose "Pale Rose" a soft pinky color inspired by Valentine's Day. Grande Lips is a high gloss that clinically enhances volume by 15%, hydration by 51%, firmness by 13% and softens the lips by 11% within 30 days of use. The collagen microspheres improves elasticity which makes wrinkles appear smaller and plumps your lips within 3-5 minutes of application. For maximum effect apply twice daily. Grande Lips offers 6 pigmented color choices as well as the original clear that I like to use as my everyday gloss and primer for when I want to apply lipstick. To activate the product you can either twist or click the bottom on the lip pen. The top part of the applicator is angled and has a soft cushion texture that helps move the product around easily. Immediately after applying the gloss, my lips felt cool followed by a tingling sensation letting me know the product was working its magic. I'd recommend this product to all but especially any girls who want to fix a thinner lip. You will definitely love Grande lips and if you have a significant other they will too! Happy Valentine's Day xo.