Hi bellissima's today I am using the Serie Expert by L'Oréal. It is a color correcting cream that removes any brassiness from your hair. I am using the brunette product, however there is a formula for blonde hair too. The brown correcting pigments neutralize any brassy tones for a natural magnified brunette color. I like this product because it makes my ombre color look seamless. You're going to apply the cream after washing and patting your hair dry with a towel. Distribute the product and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This product is great for color treated hair because it brings your color back to life. Also this product is great for the summer time because the sun tends to lighten our hair and have no control over it. But with product we do! I like to use this product every other wash, however you can use it as necessary. You guys are going to love this color correcting cream.