The L'Oreal Wet Domination

Bellissima's I am back! Today I'm going to do an inspired look by the lovely Kim Kardashian. Kim has worn the "wet look" multiple times, multiple ways and it is just super sleek and shiny. To achieve this suave look you are going to need L'Oreal's Wet Domination Extreme Splash and the Wet Domination Shower Shine. This high end look is effortless, chic and very wet. To get started you will need to blow dry your hair. Next you're going to tease the hair starting mid way through your sections combing it towards the scalp to give you some nice volume. Take the Extreme Splash within your fingertips and begin to work the product through your hair starting at the root to your desired stopping point. I like to start at the sides of my head and then I comb the product back towards my ears providing a sleek pulled back look. Grab some more Extreme Splash and run your fingers through the top part of your head to create a more relaxed natural look. This will create your styled look. Now you're going to make some final adjustments. I usually tuck my hair behind my ears, and brush through the rest of my blow-dried hair for perfection. Lastly to top off my look, I'm going to spray the weightless Shower Shine to illuminate and set my hair. This product instantly polishes my hair and cures any dullness. This will ultimately be my summer time go-to look and you can even wear it on the red carpet like Kim! I hope you guys love the Wet Domination just as much as I do. You can find these exclusive L'Oreal products right here at Salon Bellissima. Check us out at 202 Hampshire Street, Cambridge or on Facebook: Salon Bellissima.