Truss Hair Care Treatment

I constantly crave change to my hair. I love experimenting with different colors and trying different hairstyles. But with all the chemicals and heat I've been applying to my hair I know I've got to repair it and treat it with care. I've heard great things about Truss so I wanted to see what the hype was about. I needed something to restore my curls and repair my dehydrated hair. I'm currently using Truss Professional products in between shampooing and conditioning. So after I shampoo I use Deluxe Prime. It's a primer that preps my hair to be conditioned and is infused protein to nourish my hair. I'm loving this product because it easily detangles my hair before I even touch the conditioner. Next I use the Miracle Mask. It's been softening my hair and helping regain it's moisture back. I leave the mask on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly and I've been doing this twice a week. I noticed after using the primer and mask that I've can even go without conditioner on the days I'm doing the treatment because my hair is so nourished. Using Truss has protected my hair from heat and I don't feel so guilty using a curling iron anymore. My hair is so shiny and silky and I've felt a huge difference in texture after using Truss. My hair is hydrated, my curls are coming through and back on track to healthier happier hair.