Saphira Devine Conditioner

By Maria Pego

Hey Bellissimas it's Joleen and welcome back to my blog!

Since last week we talked about the shampoo obviously this week we will be talking about the conditioner. They go hand in hand and are literally the perfect combination for shiny and silky smooth hair. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in one of the other blogs but my hair has grown so incredibly much in the past 2 months while ive been using these products its actually kind of crazy, and it's weird to me because lately I have been straightening my hair a lot and also getting highlights to bring out the blonde in my hair, and I thought the combination of those two was going to kill my hair but it didn't and i'm so happy that I have found products that work so well for it.

Ok, so now back to the conditioner. The Devine Conditioner is made with 26 minerals that revives all types of textured hair. This unique formula combines African Shea butter, Black Seed oil and essential minerals to restore and maintain healthy hair. Whether you have wavy, curly, or coily hair this product will establish health as well as nourish you hair, and as I had mentioned last week about the shampoo, if you dont have curly hair you dont have to worry because you will still be able to explore the saphira brand and try out different conditioners that might suit your hair type better. They have the Mineral Treatment conditioner which creates volume and was designed for fine and thin hair, and they have the Mineral Moistrizing conditioner that is super hydrating for normal to dry hair types. Don't worry Saphira will always have something for you!

The way I use the conditioner is just like any other, I get about 2-3 pumps of it and make sure to ONLY focus it on my ends. You dont want to aplly conditioner to your roots because thats what causes greasiness and dandruf (if you are struggling with dandruff dont worry we have some anti dandruff products coming soon so stay tuned for that). And what I like to do is use the the Saphira Miracle Mud treatment once a week, and then for the rest of the days that I wash my hair I will use the conditioner, and this has changed the game completely.

So, if you are interested in the Saphira Devine conditioner or any other products that I have blogged about in the past you can go on the Salon Bellissima Website which is and you can order your products there and they will ship straight to your door, or you can visit the www.localisity website and type in Salon Bellissima in the search bar and find the product you like on there and it will deliver to you house on the same day. Or you can come into the salon which is located on 202 Hampshire street, Cambridge, MA and you can find your perfect match in the salon.

Bye Bellissimas see you next week!!