Saphira Devine Curl Cream

By Maria Pego

Hey Bellissimas it's Joleen and Welcome back to my blog!

Continuing with the Saphire collection today I have for you the Saphira Devine curl cream. I can't even begin to describe to you how much I love these products because they have absolutely changed the way my hair looks, and feels. For a while before I started using these products my hair was just completely dull, my curls weren't even curls anymore, they were just kind of wavy and I would have days when I would wake up and my hair would be almost completly straight, which I didn't enjoy at all. My hair had no life anymore, and that was partly because I was using the wrong products that had ingredients that were not good for my hair. However, now that I have been using these products for almost 2 months my hair is working towards its full potential, and dont get me wrong I still have days where my hair gets frizzy but overall it has improved sooooo much.

The Devine Curl Cream has been doing wonders for my natural locks. It is a moisturizer for naural curls and waves, and it is the ideal leave-in conditioning natural product, enriched with 26 minerals, Vitamin E, and natural essence, defining, nourishing, and fighting friz without leaving any residue.

The way I reccomend using this cream is when you get out of the shower after shampooing and conditioning your hair, (I also reccomend the Saphira devine curl shampoo and conditioner coming soon) you take about 1-2 pumps of the product and rub it between your palms, I also reccomend deluding the prodcut with some water because it is very thick and concentrated. Then I will scrunch it thoughout my whole head, but make sure to not focus at the root but at the bottom of the hair, and also make sure that your hair is pretty wet. After that it is really up to you on how you want to style it, you can either let it air dry and do its thing, or what I have been trying out recently is diffusing my hair. Diffusing my curls makes them look insanely nice, but it is a very hard process that you have to get used to and I am not perfect at yet, but i'm working on it ,and I will make a whole seperate blog post about diffusing you hair once I get more confotable and better at doing it, but stay tuned for that because its coming and I will give you the best tips out there.

So if you want to go try out this product and see how it will change your hair forever you can either go on Salon Bellissimas website at, or you can go on to and find the Salon Bellissima store there and order to get the same day shipping straight to your front door. Or you can come to the Salon in person which is located at 202 Hampshire street, Cambridge, MA.

See you next time bellisimas!