Saphira Devine Shampoo

By Maria Pego

Hey Bellissimas it's Joleen and welcome back to my blog!

Ok, so today we will be talking about one of my stapel pieces in the whole Saphira brand which is the Devine shampoo. If im being honest, 2 months ago I had no idea that using a good shampoo with amazing ingredients would make the difference that it has, it's honestly unbelievable. So if I have any advice for any of you is to invest in a good shampoo, because it actually changes the game, trust me!

This shampoo is made with 26 minerasl and revives all types of textured hair. This unique formula combines African Shea Butter, Black seed oil, and Essential minerals to restore and maintain healthy hair. Their natural mineral ingredients gently cleanses and nourishes your hair, and the 26 minerals that are only found in one place in the world, invigorates the scalp, strenghtens the hair, and adds shine.

So, this shampoo is specifically designed for wavy and curly hair, but don't worry if you don't have curly hair they still have many other great options to choose from, so no hair type is left out. They have a Mineral Treatment shampoo thats designed for fine and thin hair. And they have a Mineral moistrizing shampoo that made for normal to dry hair.

Know let me explain how I put this products to use. It's not difficult at all, just like any other shampoo you have used. What I like to do is grab 2-3 pumps and then really massage it into my scalp. I would reccomend mainly just focusing it on the scalp because that's the place where your hair needs the most cleaning, but in the end if you have some left over you can work it in the ends of your hair as well (they dont really need it). And then right after you wash it out you will see a difference, because I have used other shampoos where after I was it out my hair feels so stripped and damaged, which is weird since it should be gentel in cleaning it.

Ok, so if you wan to go try out this product just go to the Salon Bellissima website which is and you can order whatever products you want on there and they will ship it streight to your house. Or you can visit the website and look up Salon Bellissima in the search bar, and the salon will pop right up and on there you can get the same day shipping streight to your house. Or the best thing to do is to come into the salon where you can brows though all the products and find your perfect match!

See you next week Bellissimas!

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