Saphira Healing Mineral Drops

By Maria Pego

Hey Bellissimas it's Joleen and welcome back to my blog!

Im kind of sad because this is the last product that I am going to be talking about in the Saphira collection. This brand has transformed my hair so much its insane, and I will be continuing to use this brand because I truly love everything they sell, and I would 100% recommend you check out at least one product because you will be hooked instantly. So for the wrap up of the Saphira brand, today I will be talking about their Healing Mineral Drops, that should be a staple for everyones haircare routines.

This is a finishing product that makes styling easier while securing softness and elasticity throughout the day. These drops are so unlike any hair oils I have ever used before because they aren't heavy at all and it doesnt leave your hair feeling gross and greasy which is actually one of my pet peves, because who want their hair to be greasy right after washing it. These drops dont leave any residue in your hair, smell incredible, and they leave your hair feeling silky smooth. Since I have curly hair I have tried a fair share of hair oils because they are supposed to get rid of the friz (which I have a lot of) and just leave your hair feeling amazing, but I have to say that I have never tried an oil as good as this one because one, it is very light weight, and at the same time very rich and gets the job done.

I llike to use this product when I get out of the shower. If im styling my hair curly I will scrunch the drops thoughout my hair after applying the curl cream, and then I like going in with the drops again once my hair is dry to prevent any friz, but remember, do not load them up on your roots! When im blowdrying my hair straight I massage in the drops after brushing my hair right out of the shower, and then after I have blowdried it I will put some more on my hair just to give it an extra shine.

So yeah, thats the end of the Saphira Brand, and now stay tuned for a new brand that I will be introducing you guys to next week, get excited! Remember if you want to check out any of the products in the Saphira Brand make sure to either check out the Salon Bellissima website which is or you can check out and search for Salon Bellissima in the searchbar and you can order your products there. Or you can come into the Salon which is located at 202 Hampshire street, Cambridge, Ma, and check out all the products in person.

By Bellissimas see you next week!