Saphira Miracle Mud

By Maria Pego

Hey Bellissima's it Joleen, and welcome back to my blog!

For the next few blog posts im going to be talking about the brand Saphira. Before I started making videos and reviewing the products by saphira I had no idea what the brand was and I had never heard of it before, but let me tell you, everyone reading this needs to go get some of their products. They are such a unique brand and every product is infused with 26 minerals that'll bring out the best in your hair.

Today I am going to be focused on the Miracle Mud hair treatment which is a healing deep conditioning treatment with 26 essential minerals, combined with pure keratin. The Mineral Mud evelops each strand of your hair with a layer of mud creating vibrance and vitality. Yup, basically it's just a miracle in a jar, oh and it also smells like heaven.

I use it about once a week because it is very deep conditioning, and I don't want to have my hair be greasy. All you do is shampoo your hair in the shower, I recommend the Saphira devine curl shampoo (coming soon), then I take a big glob of the miracle mud and put it all-over my hair, and I mean ALL-OVER! (Make sure to realy work it in your hair) Then I just put my hair up and wait for it to soak up for around 4-5 minutes. And I kid you not when you wash it out your hair will immediately feel silky smooth! After the shower you can style it however you want, if I keep my hair curly then there is almost no friz which is pretty amazing, because my natural hair is VERY frizzy. And if I decide to blow dry it straight it feels so unbelievably silky that I cant stop running my fingers throught it.

So if you want to go try out this product and see how it will change your hair forever you can either go on Salon Bellissimas website at, or you can go on to and find the Slaon Bellissima store there and order to get the same day shipping straight to your front door. Or you can come to the Salon in person which is located at 202 Hampshire street, Cambridge, MA.

See you next time bellisimas!